Feldenkrais, Breath & Somatics

Based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais.

Your body and your breath need your attention.

Your breathing serves as a central vehicle for aligning your awareness with the present moment. The only moment that you can deal with is now – present. And the present – your present – can reveal and reflect both your ease and your suffering. This inner knowing often calls you to seek out assistance to alleviate the waves of dissatisfaction and pain in our hearts, minds, and bodies.

“Somatic” simply means the soma. The Body. Your body. And Somatic can include many modalities, including Feldenkrais.

We have had great success by using and offering Feldenkrais-based breathing sessions such as Better, Breathing, Better Life by Ryan Nagy. By tending to what is calling your attention, you can transform your pain into ease and your suffering into peace. Whichever path speaks to your personal needs, my hope is that you receive what is most supportive to unwind suffering and receive healing.

If you are new to breathing sessions or new to Feldenkrais-based modalities, we have taken the liberty of posting a free feldenkrais breathing session below.

“Breathing In All Directions” [deeply relaxing]

A short (26-minute) but very potent session called, “to weld by breathing” and also called “breathing in all directions.” Probably the session that has gotten the most positive feedback over the years. It is great for getting rid of stress and anxiety and helping you to relax deeply. Give it a go?

Click to download Breathing In All Directions.

The session above was take from the page of free feldenkrais sessions offered by Ryan Nagy